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Ow, my back, my legs [Oct. 3rd, 2011|12:09 pm]
I ache so much right now. My legs, thighs, back, arms, fingers. All over.

It's great :)

So what exactly have I been doing to make myself ache this much? Well, I shall tell you. Horse archery. It was fantastic. I do some archery but have been quite out of practice, but I don't ride horses; the closest I have done was being led about on the back of one as a kid. We were using the thumb draw for the archery as well, which I had looked into a bit but hadn't really done much with, so that was another thing to learn.
So, from humble beginnings, by the end of the one day course I had gone from out of practice with a bow and being used to mediteranian draw on a bow (with two or three fingers just below the knocked arrow) and no horseriding experience to speak of, to taking and knocking and drawing and shooting an arrow all basically without looking, while doing a fast trot on a horse while the horse was not on a guide rope and managing to shoot off three arrows before the track ran out.

This was so awesome, I may want to try it again now. the website for the guys I went to is http://www.horsebackcombat.co.uk/.

Now, I wonder if Tornament Stud could be persuaded to let us have a go with their horses... :p
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for science? [Sep. 23rd, 2011|02:09 pm]
Okay LJ, I'm confused... So people have likely heard of the Nutrinos at CERN that have - allegedly - broken thge speed of lightIf this result is true, they say, then time travel may no longer be a theoretical impossibility. I shall now quote from an article from the BBC

The speed of light is the cornerstone in Einstein's theory of special relativity, which is what gives us the concept of causality: causes precede effects, wherever you are.

Remove that requirement, and time becomes a much more fluid thing than the one-way arrow we think it to be.

If an effect can precede a cause, showers of neutrons might arrive here on Earth before a supernova actually kicks off on the the other side of the galaxy.

Now focus on that last sentence. Am I correct in thinking that that is, in fact, complete bollocks? All that would happen, if these results are correct and it isn't an experimental error, is that the shower of nutrons would arrive here before the light from the supernova does, so we'd get the nutrinos before seeing the cause. The cause still precedes the effect though, whatever happens.

Am I correct in thinking that the BBC is just spouting nonesense or have I missed something?
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oopsy [Jul. 1st, 2011|07:55 pm]
Soo, Pete did something foolish. He may possibly have bought something.

It may possibly be a coach horn, similar to one of these;


So, I can make a couple of notes out of it. They sound something like 'BlAAAAAAAAAhhhhh' and blaaaaaHHHHHHHH'. I am now trying to get the notes in between. Does anyone know if one can actually get a full range of notes from one of these things? If so, how does one get them? (has no experience of brass instruments at all, but it was shiny and in a charity shop for not too much, I couldn't help it, it's not my fault...)


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owie [May. 9th, 2011|08:58 pm]
I have a huge welt on my forehead. This happened by headbutting Katie's bicycle hadlebars while ducking under the clothesline.

This is, therefore, totally her fault, as if she rode a unicycle like any normal person this wouldn't have happened.

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shameless plugging [Apr. 12th, 2011|10:03 pm]
Hello all. This update is shamelessly showing off I'm afraid. I've finally gotten around to making myself a deviantart acount where I could put pictures of the various armour I've finished making. If you're interested, have a look. They're all leather at the moment, but I'm going to hopefully have a go at some metal armour soon (maille not included).

The URL is http://lordofthewheel.deviantart.com/ (as you can see, I'm unimaginative in terms of usernames). Please feel free to critique, either on deviantart or on here, I won't be insulted if you think I've botched up, since I'm only learning. Hopefully I'll try to set up a facebook page soon (and by 'I' I infact mean that Nayela has offered to do it for me, for she is awesome).

That's all for now, we return you to your radio silence :)

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christmas dinner [Dec. 28th, 2010|12:40 pm]
So, for christmas I made roast goose, potatoes (boiled, mashed and roast), sausages, bacon, cabbage, stuffing, carrots, peas and sprouts.

For 8 people.

None of us died, we had hardly any leftovers, however everyone was stuffed full at the end so I obviously didn't overcook.

I've never done quite a few of those things before ever, especially not a roast goose.

No one dead from food poisoning. New hose has a kitchen with enough space to do all this.

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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2010|11:22 pm]
So, Katie's parents were supposed to be flying in to the country this afternoon. Into Heathrow, to be precise. From Frankfurt. Yeah, it didn't happen. They've got a new flight tomorrow evening which will hopefully get them in safe and sound, we'll find out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

So, instead of entertaining them, instead we decided to get out the sheepskin rugs and place them in front of the fire. We then lit the first fire in our new house and sat by the fireplace, on sheepskins, playing board games and the harp. It was a good evening. The only thing missing was that it wasn't snowing outside, despite the forecast, which would have made it picture perfect, but despite this it was pretty darned good.

We like this house. We're hosting christmas for both our families in less than a week now, and I believe we're nearly ready and prepared for that. Life is good.

Merry christmas/happy solstice/yuletide/good holidays/other which I have failed to mention/delete as appropriate.

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Nanowrimo [Nov. 2nd, 2010|07:22 am]
Hmm, I seem to have started writing nanowrimo again. That was...foolish of me

It's in a writing style I have never attempted before, and is woefully underplanned as I came up with the basic plot/premise about five days ago, so I'm not expecting to win, especially as how busy this month is looking to be

However, we shall see. 2000 ords done so far, so a reasonable start, at least. I'll keep folk updated
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I'm a Responsible Adult y'know [Sep. 20th, 2010|11:57 pm]
So, as many people already know, myself and Nayela have been working towards buying a house together. This is no longer the case, for we have now bought a house together :D.

We exchanged contracts last Thursday and today we completed, the old owners have now left and we have keys. WE spent the day moocing around it and trying to decide what we'd need, where we'd put it, and what colour walls and curtains would go with it once it was there, for varying values of 'it'.

This weekend, dad is hiring a van and transporting all our vast amounts of stuff up to the house. The house is in Reading, so we'll also both have to start looking for jobs up there too, I'm going to continue working in London and staying in our old place until I can get a job over there to be on the safe side.

Also, we now need to buy a whole lot of furniture for our new place, which is fun and exciting and quite possibly very expensive. Anyone have any old sofas or beds or anything lying around in their garages that we could take off your hands to get us started? :)

So there is our news. Exciting, isn't it? Once the place is in a decent state we shall be organising a housewarming party, so please watch this space.

Also, Hooorrrrraaaaayyyyy *waves arms around and runs across the room like a loon*
(Responsible. That's me *nods sagely*)
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In which Nayela is stupidly talented [Jul. 20th, 2010|04:37 pm]
So, a music request from folk.

At the weekend we were at a wedding, then went to a korean version of Romeo and Juliet on Sunday (with dance and martial arts, wierd but highly cool) and, when we finally got in on Sunday night, Katie immediately went for the harp. I (slightly jokingly) asked her what song had been stuck in her head from the wedding that she needed to learn. At which point she played the chorus to Rain on Berlin. Which she had heard from the back of the wedding barn once over 30 hours previously with many other musical bits and pieces in between. Okay, it was a long song so many repeats of the chorus, but to be able to do this (and having only started playing the harp five months ago) amazes and annoys me both :)

So the request is, is it possible for someone who knows Eva and Rafael, who sung the song (I think I have their names right, please correct me if incorrect) to ask them if Katie could have a copy of the lyrics and, if possible, a recording of the song so she can learn the rest of it. Sheet music is not really required, as Katie doesn't learn music that way. If anyone can help then much appreciated. Thanks

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